Tammy DeMirza

About Tammy DeMirza

Tammy De Mirza is an Author, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Medium and Innovator in the field of empowering others by disclosing the fragmentation of how one is living and giving them the understanding and courage to choose from awareness. She guides people home to themselves by revealing reciprocal patterns/predicaments along with the tools they came into this lifetime to use to overcome. She has written the book entitled The Inmate and the Medium where she chronicles a large portion of a six year spiritual journey with an inmate who she taught the spirituals laws and principles to, who was released years before he was supposed to be. Tammy not only teaches these principles, but has lived and proven them time and again and knows how to assist anyone in not only knowing the laws and principles, but also teaching individually, how to integrate them in their personal lives. She is loving, kind, but also authentic in how she delivers the messages to her clients.