Lee Lawrence

About Lee Lawrence

Lee Lawrence was a university tax law professor, Certified Public Accountant, forensic investigator, litigation consultant, and business entrepreneur until a Near Death Experience from meningitis changed his life, personality, and perception of reality in 1988. He subsequently changed his career path with a degree in psychology and continued studying and performing neuroscience research for over thirty years as a tool to understand human consciousness. His interest is in techniques that demonstrate that the human soul or spirit exists, and a scientific understanding of the soul's anatomy & physiology based upon a belief that religion(s) are theories and philosophies of the anatomy & physiology of the human soul and how it interacts with its environment. The human soul, including the stored memories of past experiences of others are physical objects to his perception as a result of the illness. (Thus he is often called “The Man Who Reads Souls”). He utilizes this ability, combined with neuroscience research to understand the mechanics of the soul/body connection and interaction to help others grow on their chosen spiritual paths.