Anjani Amriit

About Anjani Amriit

Anjani is a Soul Purpose Master. She is genius at supporting heart-based business owners, light workers and executives, to claim their personal power and align with their fullest potential, to bring their soul’s purpose into their life and business for radical freedom, success, and abundance.

Anjani motivates and inspires her clients to align more fully with their personal values, passions and soul’s wisdom, being vital elements to unlocking their purpose. 

Anjani is a natural and enigmatic mentor, presenter and writer. Her intuitive skills, enthusiasm and dynamism bring clarity, rapid transformation and radical success, making her highly sought after. She makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Anjani offers private mentoring programs, transformational group programs and sacred soul retreats across the globe.

Anjani‘s style is intuitive and insightful. She is the Founder of the ‘Soul With Purpose Program’ designed to activate your greatest power and potential for a life of profound purpose.

She is also Co-Founder of the Golden Woman Centre, an entrepreneurial women’s community whose mission is to influence, impact and inspire successful women to be true to and invest in their unique qualities and translate this into making a massive impact in their own lives, and the world at large. Anjani has published articles for various publications including Nine MSN, Australian Women's Weekly and Living Now. Her Soul Purpose Meditations have been featured on Australia’s ABC Current Affairs Radio.