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Here are some of the things we're accomplishing together as a community dedicated to claim our Sovereign and Divine selves!

  • Own Your Divine Light Show

    Back in April 2019, we hosted the first season of Own Your Divine Light Show. Every year we are producing 1-2 new seasons! We are currently working on our 4th season. Learn more about our Online Show here.

  • Evolving Consciousness Retreat

    In November 2020, we launched the first of many of our Evolving Consciousness Retreat! This retreat is an experiential event that has helped our new community members how to embody the age of love! Learn more about the Evolving Consciousness Retreat Here.

  • Enlightenars

    We have created this special gathering where members of our community get to witness a LIVE Soul Mapping session! We have hosted over 4 Enlightenars! Want to experience Soul Mapping for yourself? Learn more about it here.

  • Divine Light Community

    Our community of dedicated purpose finders and lifetime students of the Divine Light are consistently growing every year! We currently have over 6k+ members! Join our community here and receive a free gift from me!

  • Birthing Your Divine Light Online Course

    When you've spent many years of your life living misaligned with your most authentic self, the journey towards unlocking your passion again can be confusing! This program is designed to walk you through the major lessons I learned  that allowed me to finally meet and express my most authentic self! Click Here to Buy Now!

  • Divine Light Accelerator Mastermind Group

    We know how lonely the spiritual path can be and how powerful a community is in helping us accelerate our ascension process! The most dedicated students of our community are active members of our exclusive Divine Light Accelerator Mastermind Group! Join here.

Here's How We Can Work Together

Yarra Atlantica Miller (Soul Name of Janet Miller) is best known for her work as a Divine Light Activator, Soul Purpose Oracle Reader, Energy Master Practitioner, Online Show Host, Speaker, and Author. She has helped thousands accelerate their Divine Light through her top selling programs below.


Divine Light Accelerator Mastermind

If you prefer to learn and grow in a community or group environment, then our DLA Mastermind Group is perfect for you. We meet LIVE every month to talk about mystical, supernatural, and teachable moments of our human spiritual experience.


Birthing Your Divine Light Course

If you learn best by taking your time and reflecting at your own pace, check out my Birthing Your Divine Light Course. This program will walk you through the Transformation Lessons necessary in creating the life you love! Your Divine Light awaits!


Readings and Energy Sessions

Are you ready to commit and invest in yourself at a higher level? If you said yes, I'm excited to work with you! Let me be your companion and guide. Let's pave the way and unlock your passions, ignite your authenticity, so you can finally create the life you love!

Collaboration and Partnerships

Do you have an upcoming online show, podcast, or retreat that you want to invite Janet to? Give us the details and we’ll get back to you asap. We're happy to promote it to our audience! We're all about spreading love and abundance!

It was interesting, Yarra Atlantica brought a lot of insight into the reading, She gave me some insight on my personality traits. She put in a lot of time and effort and researched all aspects of this soul mapping.

Ida L.

It confirms what I have suspected all along that my husband and I are very compatible! A significant breakthrough was that I had a lot of 11 twos in by chart that showed that people like to work with me!

Laureen D.

I loved my energy session with you! I was surprised at how much I was experiencing physically and visually through the experience that aligned with what Janet was doing. I was still holding onto negative energy from my childhood which I thought I had released but recently had returned in some instances of my life. The energy session confirmed that I still carried some of that burden. Thank you so much Yarra Atlantica. Your divine being resonates with my soul and I love everything that you do!!

Marisa J.

It totally opened up a space in me that I have been resisting.


There were parts of me I was resistant into but this session allowed me to breath into the the you-ness of who I am. She knew where I was resistant and she helped me go there.


It helped me shift the way I was with my clients, the way I am committed to myself and what I am capable. It was a soul-opening experience.


Marti O.

Thank you Yarra for this opportunity to better understand myself. I believe this information is priceless! I recommend others to be open and explore this modality for self awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Patricia J.

It showed that I am doing EXACTLY what I was born to do. I am happy even at the start of the day because I love thinking of what I am ABOUT to do. It validated my whole life which immediately raised my self-confidence! Thank you so much
I am grateful for you!

Kristen O.

“Whatever you can do or dream,
You can begin it.
Boldness has Genius, Power, and Magic in it.


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